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    Doctoral studies are offered in accordance with Act. No. 111/98 Sb on Higher Education. The study programme comprises courses and lectures on theoretical and applied topics, examinations and systematic work on investigating a scientific topic leading to the presentation of a dissertation. The main part of the education programme is an individual study programme and work on scientific research project. The studies are completed by PhD viva examination and presentation of the dissertation.

    For further information, please contact: milan.holicky@cvut.cz

    Doctoral study programs:


    Programme guarantor:

    Prof. Ing. Milan Holický, DrSc., PhD

    (Phone: +420 224 353 842; milan.holicky@cvut.cz)

    Branches of study:

    Theory of Non-metal and Building Materials (I)

    Theory of Structures (II)

    Grants for these branches of study:

    Prof. Ing. Milan Holický, DrSc., PhD

    (Phone: +420 224 353 520; tomas.klecka@cvut.cz)

    Doc. Ing. Jana Marková, Ph.D. (II)

    (Phone: +420 224 353 501; jana.markova@cvut.cz)