Departments of the Institute

The core of the scientific-research activity of the Klokner Institute of the Czech Technical University is concentrated in the experimental departments and their corresponding laboratories and testing facilities. In five departments, activities are carried out to ensure the smooth operation of the Institute and solve expert problems from technical practice. The departments also carry out educational activities and, within the scope of their expertise, solve tasks that are not of scientific-research nature and are related to the Institute’s additional activities.

01. Department of Experimental and Measurement Methods

The Department of Experimental and Measurement Methods is mainly devoted to scientific and educational activities, namely in bachelor’s, master’s and PhD studies, as well as expert and consulting activities. It also participates in additional activities of the Institute.

02. Department of Mechanics

The Department of Building Mechanics deals with research into the static and dynamic behavior of building structures in terms of both theoretical calculations and practical measurements on real building structures.

03. Department of Building Materials

The Department of Building Materials is dedicated to scientific, educational and practical applications in construction in the form of analyses, assessments and consultations. The Department closely cooperates with other parts of the Klokner Institute.

04. Department of Structural Reliability

The Department is active in the reliability and risk assessment of structures and technical systems in the construction industry as well as in the creation of national and international standards, their introduction into the system of Czech standards and the solution to national and international research and educational projects.

05. Economic and Administrative Department

The department ensures the economic and administrative agenda necessary for the proper running of the Institute, in particular the administrative and organizational provision of scientific research work and educational activities, foreign relations, promotion of services, operation of the Institute, and others.