Climatic Test Chamber

The Climatic Test Chamber at the Klokner Institute is used for temperature and humidity tests. It is used to test the resistance of building materials in extreme climatic conditions. Modern instrumentation can simulate severe weather conditions, from rain to harsh sunlight, which will test the quality of construction more than anything else.

Features of the Climatic Test Chamber

The chamber is mainly used for:

    • quality assessment,
    • climate technology tests where attention is paid to the effect of the climate on the material properties of buildings,
    • surface treatments and strength of glued joints.

    Every material used in construction is subjected to very strict quality tests. This is precisely what the test climate chamber is used for, it can expose it to extreme conditions, simulate stressful temperature and humidity conditions or accelerate the aging process of materials.

    Parameters of the Climatic Test Chamber

    The basic parameters of the chamber interior include:

    1. Adjustable temperature in the range from -40°C to +100°C at an ambient temperature of 23°C.
    2. Adjustable relative humidity of the environment in the range from 10% to 85% at a temperature range from +20°C to +80°C.
    3. Solar radiation simulation – Osram 1200W/GS HMI radiator.
    4. Simulation of UV radiation – built-in Osram/Radium radiator controlled via the program function of the temperature controller.
    5. Simulation of rain – sprinkling with a controlled amount of water through a nozzle by a program controller via a humidity controller program function.