As an independent research institute of the CTU, the Klokner Institute establishes cooperation with companies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Such cooperation basically involves qualitative and quantitative research on the reliability of structures, monitoring of the behavior of buildings, and the associated processing of expert opinions on the safety of materials and structures.

Building surveys and diagnostics of structures

Who does the Klokner Institute cooperate with most often?

We greatly value teamwork, both in our country and abroad. We see the opportunity to establish favorable cooperation as a chance to constantly improve, to learn about the latest test procedures and methods, and to contribute with our own observations in return.

The Klokner Institute of the CTU most often cooperates with:

  • scientific and technical universities,
  • industrial companies,
  • state administration bodies,
  • private contractors.

Significant cooperation projects

Over the more than a hundred years of operation, the Klokner Institute has participated in a wide range of projects. The most significant ones deserve a more detailed description to give an idea of how such scientific-engineering cooperation works.