Science and research

The Klokner Institute of the Czech Technical University in Prague is mainly engaged in research and scientific activities. Research is specialized in solving specific problems of technical practice and the Institute develops its activities mainly in the forensic area applied in construction, technology and material engineering.

01. Laboratories and testing facilities

Laboratories and testing facilities provide a stable background for experimental activities. Advanced instrumentation, up-to-date test procedures and trained personnel ensure high quality of outputs and reliability of test reports and expert opinions.

02. The Centre of Technical Standardization

The Centre of Technical Standardization is engaged in creating technical regulations and standards. Standards play a fundamental role in the production and technical areas, and the reliability of buildings and structures can only be determined on grounds of standardized test procedures. The main task of the Centre is the development of national annexes to European standards (Eurocodes) and the incorporation of corrections and changes to these standards.

03. Scientific projects

One of the main activities of the Klokner Institute is research, and high-quality processing of scientific projects is the number one priority. The results achieved within the scope of scientific activity prove the Institute’s privileged position both within the Czech Republic and worldwide. Detailed knowledge of material engineering, building reliability, diagnostics and modeling help to put dozens of buildings and structures into operation every year.

04. International scientific cooperation

As part of international scientific cooperation, the Klokner Institute of the Czech Technical University cooperates in research and standardization with foreign companies. The KI is the managing workplace for the participation of the Czech Republic in a number of international institutions while it is actively involved in others. Besides technological and construction companies, it also cooperates with universities and research centers.