Doctoral studies

Applicants for study at the Klokner Institute of the CTU have the same rights and obligations as students studying at other universities of science and technology. The prerequisite for admission to the Civil Engineering study programme is the completion of a Master’s degree either from the relevant faculties of the CTU or from other universities, and demonstrable knowledge of the English language.

Accredited Testing laboratory

Laboratory No. 1061 is accredited by the Czech Institute for Accreditation, o.p.s. (CIA) according to ČSN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018. The subject of accreditation is testing of mechanical-physical and rheological properties of building materials, static and dynamic tests of building structures, components and elements, including the investigation of dynamic effects on structures in the scope specified in the Annex to the accreditation certificate

News from university

Read about the activities at the Klokner Institute – the projects we have been involved in, the successes we have achieved and the events we have attended. A portion of news recording life at the Klokner Institute, which has an irreplaceable position within the Czech Technical University.

JCSS Workshop 2024

JCSS Workshop 2024

JCSS Workshop - Structural Safety - past advancements and future challenges, 22-23 May 2024Structural safety is affected by many uncertainties...

01. Science and Research at the University

Scientific research and research activities make up the majority of activities at the Klokner Institute of CTU. Get to know our major scientific projects, which are backed by self-sufficient testing laboratories and qualified staff, whose expertise can be relied on in international cooperation.

02. Doctoral study

Scientific research activities at the Klokner Institute are closely linked to teaching activities. In our doctoral studies we prepare experts in structural engineering, material science and structural stability. Graduates find employment either directly at the institute or in the state administration and with private clients.

03. Accredited test laboratory

Meet the queen of the KÚ testing rooms. In this laboratory, the mechanical and physical properties of building materials are tested to ensure the reliability of structures such as bridges, concrete reinforcements and residential buildings. The activities of the AZL are also widely encountered by PhD students as part of their internships.

04. Other cooperation with the university

The Klokner Institute cooperates with a wide range of top institutions, from construction companies to technical universities. Domestic and international collaborations with industry mean that the KÚ has the opportunity to participate in the management of important construction projects, the creation of expert reports and the development of new standards.

Our students’ stories

Student satisfaction is not just a theory

The doctoral studies allowed me to work independently on my own research: from choosing the topic of the doctoral thesis, through the design and implementation of experiments, to the publication and presentation of the results. All these key points are intensively consulted with industry experts. After my studies, I plan to stay on campus and continue in scientific research. I would also like to check the extent in which it is possible to transfer the acquired knowledge into industrial practice.


Mgr. Adam Zabloudil


Originally, I planned I would only devote myself to practice after completing my master’s degree. However, after two years at the Klokner Institute, I can say that the study opportunities and the scope of the work that I am engaged in here, and the projects that I can participate in far exceeded what I had expected from my practical experience. An excellent team and active interconnection with other universities and companies are every-day reality.


Ing. arch. Oto Melter


The Klokner Institute enabled me to combine research with practice under the guidance of highly qualified experts and to participate in interesting projects with their help. I expect that the doctoral studies will bring me a deeper understanding of the field’s issues and give me a sufficiently erudite perspective for designing building structures.


Ing. Simona Potůčková


100 years of Klokner Institute

Founded in 1921, the Klokner Institute has been an independent department of the Czech Technical University for over a hundred years. Watch the greatest milestones, achievements and visions for the next hundred years in the video. If you find the video interesting, visit our YouTube channel, where there is much more to see about our work, science and research.

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