Microscopy Laboratory

The Microscopy Laboratory is an absolute necessity for every university engaged in research and teaching and the Klokner Institute is no exception. The laboratory boasts an up-to-date generation of optical systems with high precision 3D imaging and measurement. It offers various possibilities for the development and control of building materials and components.

They are particularly suitable for newly emerging applications in the micro and nanotechnological sectors which place increasingly high demands on non-standard methods of non-contact measurement, assessment of materials, miniature components, very fine joints, and surface roughness with submicron accuracy.

Activities of the Microscopy Laboratory

  • Metallographic sample preparation – cutting, potting, grinding and polishing.
  • Microscopic analysis on Nikon optical microscope – Spacing factor, thickness measurements, determination of phase area fraction, defect analysis and microscopic documentation.
  • Microscopic analysis on Olympus confocal microscope – porosity measurements, defect analysis.
  • Microscopic analysis on a Jeol electron microscope – Surface topography, elemental maps and EDS.
  • Particle analysis.
  • Inspection and analysis of a wide range of construction and engineering materials.