Concrete Technology Laboratory

The specialized Concrete Technology Laboratory of the Klokner Institute deals with the inspection and evaluation of concrete and concrete structures of buildings. Products must be checked thoroughly so that they can be used in constructions safely and without risk while respecting the economy. Concrete must have such properties that ensure that buildings meet the given requirements.

Basic requirements for concrete in the construction industry

Concrete masonry is subject to changes over time. Laboratory technicians and researchers must pay close attention to ensure that concrete structures are:

  1. Mechanically strong and stable – So that the loads likely to be applied to the building during use do not result in the collapse of the whole building or part of it.
  2. Safe in terms of fire safety – To maintain the stability of the structure in the event of a fire, or to prevent the fire from spreading to neighboring buildings.
  3. Safe to use – The building must be constructed in such a way that there is no unacceptable risk of injury during its use or operation.

The Klokner Institute’s Concrete Technology Laboratory is equipped with up-to-date instrumentation, a climate chamber for frost resistance tests, and a climate chamber for concrete carbonation tests. The laboratory is also fully competent for waterproofing tests. Diagnostics of hardened concrete is carried out in the Mechanical Testing Laboratory.