As an independent research institute of the CTU, the Klokner Institute establishes cooperation with companies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Such cooperation basically involves qualitative and quantitative research on the reliability of structures, monitoring of the behavior of buildings, and the associated processing of expert opinions on the safety of materials and structures.

Building surveys and diagnostics of structures

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  • Implementation: 2013
  • Client: SUDOP PRAHA, a.s.
As a part of the preparation of the project of reconstruction of the roofing of the hall of the railway station Prague Main Station, diagnostics of the lower closed parts of the columns of the riveted steel structure, which was manufactured in 1901 – 1909 by the company S. Bondy, bridge factory Prague – Bubny, was carried out. As part of the diagnostic work, a visual inspection of the internal surfaces and reinforcements of the closed parts of the columns was carried out using a fibroscope, an extensive set of measurements of the corrosion losses of the steel elements was carried out, the dimensions and cross-sectional dimensions of the columns were determined and steel samples were taken. Tensile tests, weldability tests, including tensile and flexural welds, and microscopic analysis were carried out on the steel samples taken. The diagnostic work resulted in an assessment of the condition of this part of the steel structure in terms of corrosion, determination of the strength class and weldability of the structural steel.


  • Implementation: 2013
  • Client: Radka Turková
The subject of a series of structural and technical surveys were several buildings in the grounds of the Návarov Chateau (the chateau, the housekeeper’s house, granary, stable, barn, gazebo and outhouse). The survey work focused mainly on assessing the condition of the wooden structures in terms of infestation by wood-boring agents and the masonry structures in terms of moisture and salts. The subject of the survey work for some buildings was the foundation structures, including the determination of the bearing capacity of the foundation soils.


  • Implementation: 2013
  • Client: AED Project, a.s.
The subject of the work was to assess the structural and technical condition of 831 wooden windows in connection with their planned replacement. The structural and technical survey included a visual inspection of the building windows, an assessment of the condition of the paint and wood, the fixing of the window frame in the lining, the infiltration of rainwater into the interior, the function of the opening of the window sashes and the function of the opening mechanisms, and an indicative assessment of the windows from a thermal technical point of view. The result of the survey was an assessment of the structural and technical condition of the building’s windows, which was one of the bases for the window replacement project.


  • Implementation: 2013
  • Client: Tichý & Kolářová, s.r.o.
The subject of an extensive set of diagnostic works was the original ceramic cladding of the facade of the above-mentioned building built in 1930-34 and registered in the List of Cultural Monuments since 1958. As part of the diagnostic work, the condition of the cladding was mapped in detail and the composition of the façade was determined and assessed from a thermal-technical point of view. In-situ tests and an extensive series of laboratory tests of the cladding were also carried out. The tile’s adhesion to the substrate, modulus of elasticity, tensile and flexural strength, frost resistance supplemented by ultrasonic pulse testing, porosity and open porosity, thermal and moisture expansion, water absorption, microscopic analysis of the shatter and glaze and resistance to sudden temperature changes were all determined. Based on the results of the diagnostic work and laboratory tests, the existing condition of the ceramic tile was evaluated, its residual life was determined and suggestions and recommendations were formulated.


  • Implementation: 2012 – 2013
  • Client: SUDOP PRAHA, a.s., IKP Consulting Engineers, s.r.o.
In connection with the reconstruction of the roofing of the platforms in the area of the main station. Plzeň, diagnostics of cast iron and steel structures of roofing of some platforms was carried out. The aim of the work was to determine the basic dimensions and corrosion condition of the steel structures, to assess the condition of the cast iron columns, to determine the wall thicknesses of the cast iron columns, to determine the mechanical properties of steel and cast iron, to determine the method of anchoring the roofing to the masonry buildings and to assess the condition of the wooden soffit.