As an independent research institute of the CTU, the Klokner Institute establishes cooperation with companies both in the Czech Republic and abroad. Such cooperation basically involves qualitative and quantitative research on the reliability of structures, monitoring of the behavior of buildings, and the associated processing of expert opinions on the safety of materials and structures.

Building surveys and diagnostics of structures

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  • Implementation: 2015
  • Client: SUDOP PRAHA, a.s.
The subject of the diagnostic work was the railway bridge at km 360, 592 on the line Plzeň – Stříbro, built in 1878. The bridge consists of two parallel arched tubes made of sandstone, 45 m long. Under one of the tubes is a class II road and under the other one the Myslinský brook flows. The aim of the work was to determine the damage of the bridge structure with regard to the force action of the unstable reinforced concrete frame, additionally built during the extension of the railway line. Furthermore, the thickness of the stone arches, the compressive strength of the stone at different moisture conditions, the content of water-soluble salts in the stone, the in-situ moisture content of the stone and the strength of the stone masonry were determined.


  • Implementation: 2015
  • Client: Projekt OKV, s.r.o.
In connection with the overall repair of the roofing of the platforms of the railway station Brno main station diagnostics of cast iron and steel structures of the roofing of platforms II – IV was carried out. The aim of the work was to determine the basic dimensions and corrosion condition of the steel structures, to assess the condition of the cast iron columns, to determine the wall thicknesses of the cast iron columns and to determine the mechanical properties of steel and cast iron.


  • Implementation: 2014 – 2015
  • Client: DaM, s.r.o., CPI, a.s.
As a basis for the ZIBA Glass Experience Museum project, an extensive structural and technical survey of the building was carried out in several stages. The aim of the work was to determine the structural and material design of the ceiling structures, their composition including the composition of the floors, to determine the composition of the roof sheathing, to determine the strength of the brick and stone masonry including a moisture survey of the masonry of selected parts of the building and to determine the structural design of selected details. In addition, the shape and material of the foundations were investigated, including the depth of foundation and the bearing capacity of the foundation soils. The work also included a survey of the chimney vents, skylight glazing and timber trusses. The existence of previously walled and inaccessible areas was also investigated. A number of destructive and non-destructive strength tests were carried out on brick, stone, mortar, concrete and steel during the works.